“Mark is one of those rare individuals who will make your life easier, whatever your production challenge.

I have worked with Mark for many years, on projects big and small, and each time he blows me away with his perception, creative sensibilities and technical skill.


Often sound design can be a process of reconstruction. With Mark it's all about extending and improving. He adds value at every level. He makes a producer look good.


Key ingredients to Mark's 'secret sauce' are his hand-picked hardware, his experience, and his intelligence. And it all comes without ego, stress, or friction.


Some of my most satisfying TV moments have happened watching a show come together in Mark's studio. It's always a pleasure."

Geoff Fitzpatrick, Executive Producer, Beyond Productions Pty Ltd  

"Mark is just the person you need in the final stages of production.

His technical and artistic excellence is matched by his enthusiasm helping to bring the work together while his humour reinvigorates even the most battleweary. A joy to work with on every level. And the price is right!"

Judy Rymer, Producer and Director

“I have used Mark Tanner...for literally hundreds of commercials, corporate videos, infomercials and other projects.

His amazing ear for detail combined with an understanding of the technology and drive for perfection has always delivered a fantastic result. Plus he is always a pleasure to work with.”

Robert Klein, Dimension Four Marketing

"Mark has worked on a number of products with me over the years, and I find his work second to none.

His experience and creativity have brought a special and marvelous quality to my productions. He goes that extra yard to find exactly the right element required and it's hard today to find someone with such professionalism and devotion to his craft."

James Falconer Marshall, Director


"The first time I worked with Mark Tanner in 1989, I was struck by his audio genius on every level.

I have not worked with another sound artist in another 12 feature films in 25 years since. Mark Tanner is the man when it comes to sound!"

Jack McCoy, Director