Studio 1

MTS uses Fairlight as it is a locally made, tactile and intuitive platform with fantastic technical support.


For dialogue, MTS uses hand built Brook compressors and equalizers, a Neve channel strip the Cedar DNS300 dialogue noise suppressor and a Maselec high frequency limiter.


For monitoring, MTS uses brook BPA-1200 power amps and PMC transmission line speakers.


Gear to knock your socks off:
In a never ending pursuit of excellence
MTS has recently purchased the Cedar DNS 3000 - an incomparible noise suppressor. Cleans hiss, hum, room reflections very quickly.
The Maselec unit is an unbelievable high frequency limiter which deals beautifully with sibilance and nasty top end issues. 
These are not plug-ins. They are real boxes which give results which bring a smile to your face.
Mixes become about creating instead of fixing.
Cedar DNS 3000

Dialogue Noise Suppressor